About us

About us 
This website is running under STONELINE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA LLP. This company has 2 Newspapers one is INSAF EXPRESS weekly Newspaper 2nd is THE MIDLAND NEWS Daily Hindi Evening Newspaper.THESE NEWSPAPERS ARE REGISTERED BY RNI INDIA. STONELINE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA LLP has STONELINE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA INSTITUTE which is government approved media INSTITUTE and this media institute have hindi based distance and online journalism courses. STONELINE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA INSTITUTE is a leading distance journalism institute which is situated in PUNJAB. STONELINE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA LLP running various printing press in various areas of INDIA which are running names on STONELINE PUBLISHING & PRINTING COMPANY.Various News web sites running under this company like.


And various you tube channels are running under STONELINE INTETNATIONAL MEDIA LLP which are:
National update
The Midland news
Insaf express
Inside news this channel is running on FASTWAY CABLE TV
STONELINE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA LLP is a leading news providing advertising and publishing company.This company has UNITED JOURNALIST ASSOCIATION
NGO that is working for journalist who need help for their problems .Join us for better exposure and future in journalism